Power 650 Watts
Voltage Range 48v
LED Lm301h mix with 660 nm OSRAM
Flowering Footprint 4’X4′
Veg Footprint 5’X5′
System Efficiency 3.03μmol/j (lm301h) 
Lifespan 50000 hours at 77F
Board Dimensions 43.3” X 43.3”
Input Voltage 120-240v
Recommended Mounting Height 20-30 inches

Driver can use 120v or 240v. ​*Adapter for 240v available for purchase.

Warranty: Fixture: 1- year Meanwell Driver: 4- year 

Product Certification: RoHS, EMC, CE, ETL





This fixture is designed for full-cycle commercial cultivation with the power to scale from vegetative growth to bloom. Use 8x (318) top bin lm301h Samsung and OSRAM 660nm IR Red diodes. Powered by 650w Inventronics Driver with Dimmer switch. Perfect for Large rooms, grow tents, and high ceiling area.


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