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This LED fixture is perfect for indoor cultivation for any size room. It offers a larger light spread with efficient full spectrum. Click below for more info.

Eazy Plug coming soon!

We have partnered up with Eazy Plug to retail their amazing products. Check back soon for information on products!

DDXV1 4000k


This LED fixture is a pre-assembled DIY kit. Each kit uses 2 high-efficiency quantum boards made by Samsung with 576 new lm301h or lm301b full spectrum diodes. These are installed on a 15mm passively cooled aluminum heatsink. Powered by a Meanwell 240W driver. Great for indoor plants, grow tents and small/medium rooms.

Real Customer Reviews

“At first I didn’t believe that this light would produce with so little power, but boy was I wrong. These lights are the best!”   – Jeff V.